Leadership Skill are Life Skills

Leadership skills can be learned and can be mastered through practice. Consistency and persistence will be required.

Think of “lather, rinse and repeat,” and you’re on your way to developing, honing Your leadership skills.


KK Hartman Partners, works with clients in six important areas of Leadership Development:

  1. Leaders create a clear vision of the desired future and they share it.
  2. Leaders develop responsible followers
  3. Leaders expect and inspire lofty goal accomplishment
  4. Leaders model the expected behavior
  5. Leaders keep a laser focus on the things that matter
  6. Leaders connect the group to the outside world

Who benefits from Leadership Development?

  • Entrepreneurs considering their first hire
  • Small business owners looking to develop their people
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth where a collaborative culture of servant leaders is essential.
  • An individual looking to prepare him or herself for “moving on up”
  • Advisory boards, or volunteer boards/organizations seeking improved organizational effectiveness
  • Everyone benefits. 

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