Krista and Mary State Department January 16, 2004More Than a Walk on the Beach is a plainspoken and frank account of life as a U.S. Ambassador living abroad.

The unlikely (note the connection to Krista and Mary’s co-authored book) journey begins when President George W. Bush phones Krista’s mom, Mary E. Kramer, former President of the Iowa Senate, to invite her to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The story unveils the process a U.S. diplomat must go through, as well as Mary’s opinions on that lengthy – and sometimes frustrating – road to ambassadorship.

Along the way, Mary relates her often humorous and entertaining experiences in dealing with dignitaries, foreign cultures, and the U.S. Government. More importantly, through her firsthand accounts of personal distress after witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, to the delicate balancing act needed in order to maintain foreign relations, Mary shares her guiding wisdom, common sense and inspiration to a sometimes chaotic profession.

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