Life is full of challenges, and while it isn’t impossible to pursue and live your dreams, it can certainly seem so. In our motivational memoir An Unlikely Ambassador and Her Diplomatic Daughter: Stories and Recipes for the Life You Want, my mom, Ambassador Mary Kramer (Ret.) and me, Krista Kramer Hartman share both our setbacks and successes as we tell stories about the value of good relationships, rewards of risk taking, importance of continuous learning, and benefit of a positive, grateful attitude.

Building on our family’s literal legacy of gems, as coauthors, we share fifteen intangible, but far more precious jewels—such as cherishing the people in your life, creating a vision for your future, being generous and patient, and having a sense of humor—which, when regularly worn (practiced), add value to your everyday life and ensure a rich future for you and your loved ones.

This unique memoir is a joyful celebration of life in all of its ups and downs and a clear illustration that acceptance, gratitude, and determination are, indeed, a winning combination. Laugh, learn, and be inspired as you begin to see your own life through our optimistic eyes.

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