Krista Hartman isn’t just a “fire ’em up” speaker — she’s a visionary speaker.  Like mother, like daughter, her audiences readily participate quickly and thoughtfully.  She brings props and tools for audience engagement, and sometimes music; she asks clever and powerful questions and she creates warmth in the room by setting an approachable tone from the beginning. Her goal in speaking is to empower people regardless of why they happening to listening.

Krista’s “connecting with people” topics range from being the Ambassador’s daughter, to strategies for business or non-profit organizations to succeed, to being a volunteer leader, to developing a winning attitude through golf and other sports.

Her comments are part story telling, part laughter at her life lessons learned the hard way, and part what’s relevant to you, so you can take her information with you and use it the same day.

Mary Kramer isn’t just an entertaining speaker — she is an engaging speaker.  Her audiences often get into the act — asking tough questions and literally starting conversations they’ve never had before.  That’s just how Mary likes it.  Her goal in speaking is to trigger new ideas, challenge old beliefs and breed fresh perspectives.

Mary’s topics range from Leadership Skills (especially in trying times); Civility in Public Discourse – How we got so rude; her Ambassadorial experience including comments about the role of the Ambassador and thoughts on United States Foreign Policy.

Her comments are always laced with humor and engaging stories that illustrate the points she makes.

Whether you have a more intimate sized group or an auditorium packed with people, Mary’s and Krista’s presentations are sure to keep them buzzing long after either one or both leave the podium.2016-04-12 14.14.03

2016-04-12 08.27.51Together they’ve co-authored a book, “An Unlikely Ambassador and her Diplomatic Daughter, Stories and Recipes for the Life You Want.” Krista and Mary regularly offer workshops designed to help individuals, and now their readers, develop their personal vision of the desired future, build teams, and or polish their personal leadership skills set. They’d love to work with you and your team.

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