Meet KK (right) and Hartman (left).  KK Hartman Partners.

We’ve evolved from a project that started with KK in 1998 for fun, as She Kan Golf. In 2002, She Kan Kompany became a sole proprietorship.  Between 2009 and 2010, KK Hartman Coaching, LLC was formed doing business as She Kan Kompany. With important future business plans identified, in January 2015, we became KK Hartman Partners, LLC.

The reason why we’re successful, even as a young company is because we’ve  built it on a solid foundation. (For a healthy grape vine comparison; planted in nutritious soil, with great root stock). Consider our root stock a combination of Love, Respect, Optimism, Patience, Integrity, Affection, Invention, Perspective, Acceptance, and Imagination. Add to the above list our faith in each other and in God, and you now know our secret sauce.

We met on July 2, 2000.  A mutual friend, KK’s neighbor at the time, worked for Scott, and insisted we meet. It took a little while to get the meeting set, but eventually we met and as they say (not sure who they are, but), “the rest is history”

Quickly, we realized we really have a ton of fun together, have shared interests like wine, food, golf, music, and travel, plus we are both from families with highly complimentary value systems.

We were married outside, overlooking the 10th tee box at Whistling Straits Golf Course near Kohler, Wisconsin on September 28, 2003.  We’re currently residents of Sadler, Texas and in the middle of our 16th year together. We have a cute, crazy Minature Pinscher, Guinness and big, cuddly Boxer Mix, Mojo.

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For a toast and surprise for Scott immediately following our marriage ceremony, KK gave him a trophy.  Here’s what she said to Scott:

“As many of you know, throughout my life, golf has been so good to me, and a fond pass time of my family! We’ve played many beautiful courses all over the country, and we’ve enjoyed each other’s great rounds & victories. And… along the way we’ve all gathered a fun assortment of prizes, including medals, ribbons and trophies.

Today, on such a special day for me, a MAJOR, you might say, a link to golf couldn’t be more significant, especially at such a wonderful golf destination here at Whistling Straits, so please indulge me a bit.

As you know, at any Major’s trophy presentation, the Chairman of the Board brings the trophy to the presentation site and issues the winner the first congratulatory handshake.

Today’s Chairman of the Board is appropriately, my father, and today’s Champion is R. Scott Hartman, because today at a place of golf I have received the most special “prize”, my Husband.

The winner’s cup is inscribed with today’s date, location, names, etc., and the words “You’re the Best” which for a long time before we were exchanging I love you’s,  was code… for either;

I think I love you, or you’re more special than I realize, or simply, I love you, before either of us had the guts to say it out loud.

On the reverse side it’s inscribed with my Scott Hartman Top 10, Ten traits I value about him.  And why we because of these we “work”. These are just some of the qualities that Scott possesses that make him such a wonderful man: Love, Respect, Optimism, Patience, Integrity, Affection,  Invention, Perspective, Acceptance, and Imagination.

Please join me in congratulating R. Scott Hartman, my Champion!”

Together they’re dreaming, visioneering and working toward our dream of owning a successful vineyard and winery.   They’re targeting by 2018 (which is fun because they’ve recently accelerated their plans by a couple of years, thanks to answered prayers and hard work).  They use the Hartman Top 10 frequently as a part of their partnership’s foundation.

In the mean time Scott serves as Sales Vice President, Enterprise Accounts for Miller Heiman, MHI Global, The Sales Performance Company, and as a community leader and Board Member for 2ndSaturday.

KK serves as the Chief of Details behind all things KK Hartman Partners, LLC, and Chief of Vision for the Hartman Vineyard, and Red River Wines and Provisions, Vision, Veritas, Vino, Véraison.  Read more about KK here.

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