If you’ve been relying on your gut for big decisions and you realize a more robust approach is required, make Strategic Planning a priority.

KK Hartman Partners provides the space to view your individual situation or your organization’s situation through a different lens. You will bring into focus aspects of your business or craft that can produce meaningful benefits in a short period of time.


The basic steps include:

  • Set Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values
  • Internal and external scan
  • S.W.O.T. – Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities (even for small changes), threats
  • Set Top Priorities
  • Identify tactics and actions
  • Monitor, measure, evaluate, modify and make adjustments
  • Re-visit and Re-tool

What does a good plan ensure for your organization?

  • Defined goals and objectives with ACTION plans
  • Improved and focused LEADERSHIP when there is a clear mission and direction
  • Supports collaboration, innovation and flexibility
  • Smarter budgeting, hiring, resource allocation and succession planning
  • Reassures lenders or/and investors that you have both a vision and specific plan to achieve it.

Getting from Strategy to Implementation as quickly as possible

  • Connect S.W.O.T. outcomes to specific actions as quickly as possible
  • Assign ownership – specify exactly WHO is responsible for implementation
  • Identify resources required to implement
  • Spell out exactly how progress will be monitored and measured.

Benefits of using a Meeting Facilitator

  • Provides leadership without turning over the reins of your organization’s true leaders.
  • They use meeting time and space intentionally.
  • They are the “content and process” leader.
  • They are skillful in evoking participation and creativity.
  • A person who is acceptable to all group members, substantively neutral, and has no decision-making authority who helps improve the way the way it identifies and solves problems and makes decisions

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