As a business owner, essentially a one-woman operation, Me Management is consistently important.

The more I work with my clients to help them develop better “me managing” habits and calendaring skills, the better I become. There are many tools to select from to effectively manage one’s time. My most successful illustration has developed out of the idea of a Life & Time Menu.

Just as a lunch menu might list Starters, Salads, Sandwiches, Big Plates, and Desserts that would let us create the unique meal that suits our desires and dietary considerations, our Life & Time Menu allows us to organize our goals and create a unique “meal” based upon our personal and professional goals.

What do you want to “order” for the day? The Life & Time Menu helps you choose wisely.

Each person shows up to work with me with his or her own vision, goals, life details and purposes. And each person also shows up with very different Me Management habits.  Some haven’t been able to stick with habits consistently either. I’m prepared to help them start there. We begin with these questions:

  • How could you visualize your Life & Time Menu using the visual comparison we’re imagining with a lunch menu?
  • What would you include on the menu?

When you sit down to outline and plan your own Life & Time Menu, it’s helpful to have a clear vision of your personal and professional goals in mind. If you don’t, (we help you get clear), The Life & Time Menu processes can help you visualize those goals—and then organize your day around making them happen.

The idea of the Menu allows for flexibility, (like seasonal offerings on a menu) yet it is also intentional, specific and purposeful because it represents each individual’s choices for how he or she dedicates their time.

Because a Life & Time Menu is customized to your personal preferences and your personal goals and activities, you can organize it any way you want. Some of my clients love vertical lists like Excel spreadsheets. Some prefer a lined diary calendar. Some decorate their Life & Time Menus with doodles and scribbles, and still others are strictly digital using Apps and their Life & Time Menu is stored in the cloud and synced with their work and home calendars, even other devices.

One of the beauties of the Life & Time Menu concept is that it can fit into any tool you want it to. Again, it’s a unique choice, and we all endeavor to make the right choices about the tools we use to track our time and prepare and modify our schedules. Me Managing is an attitude.

KK Hartman Partners will help you not only adopt a productive and positive attitude about TIME, but help you assess which tools will work best for your personal style, habits, and activities.

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