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Welcome to KK Hartman Partners.

Indulge me as I (Krista Hartman) share why I know what we do today, and what we will do in the future, is of value and will benefit you, your team, your company, and your life.

I am collaborative, energetic, and results oriented. I am a strategist, accountability partner and a facilitator. I love my life, my family, and living my dreams by weaving together Vision (my life), Veritas (my truths), and Vino (my love of wine, starting from its roots to its vines to its beauty to be enjoyed sip by sip, taste by taste, experience by experience).

What comes naturally to me, is my capability of leading forward, improving lives and business cultures, by developing people and by bringing people together collaboratively. Being a visual, imaginative individual also allows me to dream big.  Dreaming big, allows me to empower others to do the same.

My Clifton Strengths Finder top five themes of talent are Strategic, Positivity, Harmony, Discipline and Restorative. These talents support my knack for relationship building, strategic thinking and executing.

Today, my individual clients and the teams I work with benefit from these talents combined with my diverse life experiences and variety of skills developed as a result of seeking and finding opportunities to work in people focused environments during my 27-year career and nearly 50-year life journey.

My business background (vines) comes from three key areas:

  1. Small business ownership, ultimately coaching and consulting other small business owners
  2. Former commercial real estate marketing/leasing professional and residential Realtor
  3. Former golf professional

2014-08-24 13.07.36My life background (roots) which I consider most meaningful:

  1. Married to an awesome person for 12+ years and our roots, values and shared joys are so compatible.
  2. My parents have been married for 58+ years, my husband’s parents have been married for 50+ years (deep roots).
  3. Blessed by life long lasting friendships, loyal business and servant leader relationships, faith and good health. (more roots with lots of vines).
  4. Bringing people together in the “spirit of breaking bread” is significant, thus my mixing in my love of sharing wine and cuisine with our business.

Currently I spend the majority of my consulting work invested in partnering with Small Business Owners and their Teams, Veteran Small Business Owners, Mortgage Professionals, Wine Making and Grape Growing Industry Professionals, Servant Leaders and their Non-Profit Teams/Volunteer Boards, plus Individuals Making Transitions from Corporate Life/Employment Life to Striking Out On Their Own.

What I do well (and what my partners also do well):

  • Proven motivators
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Creative strategists
  • Exceptional relationship builders
  • Forward thinkers
  • Resolution developers
  • Change managers
  • Effective communicators
  • Skilled writers
  • Thorough planners
  • Well organized

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