StrategyKK Hartman Partners is a visionary group of experienced leaders.

We are small business owners & independent professionals, coaches & consultants, authors & presenters, baby boomers & sages, Rotarians & Veterans. We are here to collaborate with you and with each other.

We are focused on strategizing for success, what’s possible, and what’s true.

We work with our clients and partners one on one, and we facilitate teams of professionals and volunteer leaders to identify truths in the form of strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for innovation, opportunities for growth and change.

Questions we ask frequently:

  • What actions did you take today that are consistent with what you want?
  • What is working in your business today?  What is not?
  • Answer the same for your personal life?  There’s a strong connection.
  • How do you organize and manage yourself (your time)? How would you rate your “Me” management on a scale of 1 to 10?  What must you change in order to rate yourself a 9 or 10?
  • What are three business opportunities you’re ignoring?  Why?
  • What are your strengths and talents?
  • At the end of 2016, What would you like to say about yourself and your year?

Powerful questions like these are only the beginning.Getty_Coaching Word Cloud

KK Hartman Partners leads clients and partners through meaningful assessment, planning and transformation processes.

  • We provide strengths based assessment tools.
  • We provide accountability in specific formats.
  • We work with professionals and leaders to set goals and achieve them.

Connect with us.

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