Krista was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa and in her early years believed the dormitories at the University of Northern Iowa housed her mother’s piano students and her personal favorite baby sitters.  She learned to adapt early as the family moved four times before her third grade year.  Her report cards always said “makes friends easily”.  She began showing her unique skills as a gifted musician, golfer and leader at Urbandale High School.  After graduation from the University of Iowa, she began her career in the world of professional golf.  She has been a successful semi-professional golfer, a real estate broker, and a serial entrepreneur.  Krista has also worked as a lounge piano player. She currently operates a successful business as a professional consultant and business coach, manages her farm and vineyard property, plus has unlimited energy for developing people and Rotary.


Her nickname is KK and she is an experienced leader, small business owner, coach, author-presenter, baby boomer, new grape farmer and Rotarian.  Krista and her husband Scott enjoy a deep friendship and partnership that spans over 16 years, and have been married nearly 13 years. They reside in rural Sadler, Texas, and have an 11 year-old Min Pin, Guinness, and 2 year-old Boxer-Rhodesian Rescue Mix, Mojo.


Krista holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Iowa (’89), and is a Core Essentials Graduate of Coach University (’09), and recently received her Associates of Applied Science in Viticulture & Enology with Honors from Grayson College. (’15)

In July of 1993, Krista was 1 of 30 women graduates featured in, “Top Thirty Professional Women Under Thirty,” The University of Iowa Alumni Association Magazine. In 1998 Krista was one of seven young professionals honored by Chicago area “Movers and Shakers” for her fund raising work benefiting the Art Institute of Chicago. In the July 2005 Illinois Realtor Magazine, Krista was one of fifteen Realtors featured in a “Service Above and Beyond” article. Krista was honored in 2013 by her Rotary club with the RRIMC Pete Snider Membership Award, the Dallas-Uptown club’s annual Rotarian of the year award.  During the same year she was nominated for Rotary International District 5810’s Club President and Rotarian of the year.

RotaryMBS_RGBIn 2013 she served as Marketing Director for the Rotary International District 5810 Gala, and Co-Chaired D5810’s Gala in 2014. She most recently served the Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown board where she was Leadership Development Chair. With Rotary International D5810’s recent leadership team she’s served as an Assistant Governor from 2013 to 2016 and as Chair of the District’s Strategic Planning & Visioning for Vibrant Clubs program.

TWGGA logoIn April 2015 Krista received one of five Hoss Newsom Annual Scholarships awarded by the Texas Wine & Grape Growers Foundation for upcoming Texas Winemakers and Grape Growers. She has also been honored to participate as a judge in 2015 and 2016 Lone Star International Wine Competition, hosted by the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association in Grapevine, Texas. The 2017 dates are already on her calendar.

TCBA logoDuring the winter of 2016, she joined the committee for planning the 2016 Texoma Craft Beverage Alliance Annual Business Conference. Additionally, she was recently invited to serve on the Advisory Board for the T.V. Munson Center for Viticulture and Enology located on the campus of Grayson College in Denison, Texas.


Unlikley Ambassador Diplomatic Daughter Native Cover In July 2015, Krista and her mother, Ambassador Mary E. Kramer (Ret.) published a co-authored book, “The Unlikely Ambassador and Her Diplomatic Daughter, Stories and Recipes for the Life You Want.” Both Krista and her mom describe some of their life’s setbacks and successes as they tell stories about the value of good relationships, rewards of risk taking, importance of continuous learning, and the benefits of a positive, grateful attitude. This motivational memoir contains 15 rhetorical gems learned over her lifetime from her family legacy and serves as the foundation for all her endeavors.


Solaro Estates 2015Two weeks following her graduation from Grayson College Enology & Viticulture program, in December 2015, she and Scott moved from East Central Dallas to a farm they purchased in rural Grayson County, near Sadler, TX. To date, they’ve begun laying the ground work for their future vineyard and winery destination property by establishing a test vineyard and intend to open a fully operational winery, tasting room and rustic indoor-outdoor event center in a couple years.

KK serves as the Chief of Details behind all things KK Hartman Partners, LLC, and Chief of Vision for developing the Hartman Vineyards, and the future Red River Wines and Provisions facilities.

Her Clifton Strengths Finder top five themes of talent are Strategic, Positivity, Harmony, Discipline and Restorative.

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